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Egypt EOS
Strengthening the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality, in improving the regulatory framework of the Egyptian Quality Infrastructure. 


To support the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality in the alignment of quality infrastructure to EU's regulations and best practices and in the preparation of the negotiations of an Agreement on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance (ACAA) in view of  EOS's role in these negotiations .


The specific objectives of this assignment are to: 

Prepare a twinning/TA project fiche focusing on strengthening the Egyptian Organization for   Standardization   and   Quality   i improvin th regulator an legislative framework governing the Egyptian Quality Infrastructure in the field of industrial products  especially  ACAA  priority  sectors  while  possiblrecommending additional priorities related to national interest (to be clearly defined through gap analysis).

Prior to the preparation of the project fiche, a review of the currently applicable technical regulations in those sectors, in Egypt and the EU, will be carried out.


The services to be carried out by the EU experts to achieve the specific objectives are as follows: 

a)  Conducting a review of the technical regulations, (standards and other if relevant) applicable in Egypt in the ACAA sectors, vis-à-vis those applicable in the EU as mentione above   i 2.2.   The   revie wil identify   an gaps   and   define challenges/problems and  give a  route to  reach  expected results as  per the  Egyptian interests with primary focus on the sectors by order of priority for the ACAA negotiations process.

b)  Conducting a preliminary review of conformity assessment landscape in Egypt and assess regulatory/legislative gaps and implementation practices vis-à-vis those in place in EU countries.

c)  Preparation of two technical reports on the findings of the reviews mentioned above, including a set of recommendations to be considered to achieve expected results for standards harmonization and alignment of conformity assessment procedures with European best practice in the above-mentioned sectors and areas. It is envisaged that the team of experts will deliver the technical review reports within 10 weeks from the start of their assignment. The proposals arising from these reports will serve as a basis for the scope of work to be contained in the twinning/TA fiche.

d)  Organizing a round table in order to communicate the main findings of the review phase (where institutions beyond the EOS are involved, representatives from these institutions will also be invited to the round table discussion – this is in particular relevant for the report on conformity assessment landscape) and present a draft Twinning/TA Project Fiche for validation, discuss recommendations of the review report and the proposed actions to be included in a Twinning/TA Fiche with EOS management, staff and other relevant stakeholders to obtain their feedback.

e)  Finalisation of a Twinning/TA Project Fiche depending on which instrument appears to be the most appropriate.



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